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Exothermic flux is an important part of the exothermic flux process

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广东快乐十分走势图Exothermic flux is a kind of main material for grounding grid welding. It consists of copper-based aluminum hot-flux and graphite mold clamping. The principle is that copper oxide and a large amount of thermal energy are generated by a corresponding proportion of copper oxide and aluminum alloy reducing agent to generate redox, and a high-temperature copper liquid is generated, and the welding process is realized with the help of a graphite mold.

广东快乐十分走势图The solder joints that can be soldered by the exothermic solder have good electrical conductivity, convenient operation and stable quality, and are characterized by a reasonable grounding connection. It is widely used in the fields of power, petrochemical and mobile communications.

Exothermic flux is suitable for copper-to-copper connection, copper-to-steel connection, steel-to-steel connection, copper-clad steel-copper-clad steel connection, copper-clad steel-to-copper connection, copper-clad steel and steel Welding between different materials such as connection. In China, the development of exothermic welding technology is relatively backward. Due to technical limitations, it was not until 2006 that domestic exothermic welding technology really developed. Prior to this, some domestic large and small projects were designated to use imported exothermic welding technology. At that time, it was applied domestically by some foreign exothermic welding technology brands, and even the name of the exothermic flux was quite different.

In the substation, the grounding main line is often made of copper-clad steel. Copper-clad steel is coated with a layer of copper on the outside of the steel because copper has good electrical conductivity and high degree of oxidation resistance. In order to maintain and enhance the copper clad steel material. Performance, exothermic flux is a soldering method that can be used. In all other subway projects, the welding of the grounded copper-clad steel of the subway is also specified by the use of exothermic flux. In some major projects of the power grid, the grounding material is a new type of copper-clad steel stranded wire, and the same copper-clad steel material is also welded by exothermic welding. Exothermic welding has also been included in the grid's corporate standards and has become the designated grounding welding material for key projects.

The exothermic welding product line consists of the following components:

1. Exothermic flux: It is a composition of metal (aluminum) and metal oxide (copper oxide) and auxiliary materials. It is the main material in the welding process! There is usually an aluminum foil pouch sealed or filled, usually a single solder joint requires a pack.

2. Exothermic welding mold: It is a graphite material with high temperature resistance, which is machined according to different needs. Usually a mold can use 50-70 welds.

3, mold clamps and toolbox: mold clamp is used to clamp the mold used, the tool inside the toolbox is used to match the clamping mold and clean the mold used!

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