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Exothermic welding mold


Exothermic welding definition
       Exothermic soldering is a simple, high-efficiency, high-quality metal joining process that utilizes the chemical reaction heat of a metal compound as a heat source, through superheated (reduced) molten metal, directly or indirectly heated, in a special graphite mold A welded joint with a certain shape and size in accordance with engineering requirements is formed in the welding chamber. At present, exothermic welding has generally replaced the mechanical and physical connection methods between metals in the past. Many international standards recommend the use of exothermic welding processes in grounding systems, such as IEEE, IEC, NEC, ASME, etc.

Exothermic welding reaction principle

Advantages of exothermic welding
        The generated solder joint is pure copper, which is a permanent atomic bond. The corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and mechanical strength of the solder joint are not lower than the conductor itself, and the problem that the mechanical and physical connection is easy to loosen is avoided;

       The reinforced integrated heat-dissipating flux is non-dangerous. It adopts sealed waterproof design. The flux does not contain harmful materials such as phosphorus and magnesium, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

       The precise component packaging can be provided according to the connection mode, and under the premise of fully ensuring the standardization of the welding quality, the damage of the metal base material by welding is not only minimized, but also the service life of the mold is greatly improved;

       The welding method is simple and easy, no professional skill is required, the quality of the welding point is high, the materials and tools for welding are light in weight, easy to carry, no external power source or heat source is needed for welding; high-strength, high-purity high-quality graphite raw materials are used to produce the mold. The graphite has high compactness to ensure the lowest adhesion of the welding residue and the longest service life of the mold. From the reaction, diversion to welding design is reasonable, to avoid mold explosion, welding copper splash and other phenomena, welding quality is high; the only domestic through IJL, CE' and RoHS full range of authority certification.

Exothermic welding mold product performance 

Serial number Technical content Technical Parameters
1 Mold type One-word docking, T-lap, cross connection, etc.
2 Mold material The world's choice of the best South American graphite production mold, graphite compactness, to ensure the lowest adhesion of welding residues, the longest mold life
3 Service life Theoretical service life is more than 50 times
4 Packing Single set of individual packaging, with product manual, certificate and original nameplate
5 Certified content Products have passed the certification of authoritative UL, Rohs and CE

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