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Grounded observation well


       The grounding observation well, referred to as the observation well, is a prefabricated object made of plastic or concrete to test the performance of the grounding device. The product can be widely used in the auxiliary engineering of grounding facilities in various fields such as working grounding, protective grounding, anti-interference grounding, lightning protection grounding and anti-static, etc. It provides great convenience for real-time monitoring of grounding efficiency and inspection grounding effect.

Product introduction
       The product has been tested by the national building materials department, and all technical indicators have reached advanced requirements. The construction is simple, and the grounding body dew point protection and monitoring convenience and efficiency are integrated, which has extremely superior grounding application value.

Product performance characteristics
       The grounding observation well adopts high-efficiency anti-corrosion and enhanced function plastic or cement. It is molded by high-efficiency molding process. The product is used in the auxiliary engineering of grounding facilities in various fields, which can provide great convenience for real-time monitoring and grounding.

       Its performance characteristics are:

       1. The inorganic non-metallic material with excellent mechanical properties is used as the inner lining medium of the observation well. Its mechanical properties are far superior to similar products. The compressive strength is about 600kg/cm2, which is equivalent to the compressive strength of the standard 625 cement. And can maintain long-term stability, no brittle, broken phenomenon.

       2. Through the observation of the seamless waterproofing measures and high hydrophobic material, the grounding dew point metal is effectively protected, which greatly delays the corrosion of the dew point metal, and the well body has excellent waterproof and corrosion resistance.

广东快乐十分走势图       3. The material of the well body is green, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and easy to install.

       4, the product can withstand the low temperature of -40 °C, the same applies to the northern cold regions.

The product application range

       This product is widely used in lightning protection grounding, working grounding and anti-static grounding of power, railway, construction, mining, chemical, national defense, various factories, warehouses and other facilities, especially in places where real-time monitoring of grounding performance is required。

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