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Copper-clad steel grounding wire


Product introduction
       30% conductivity copper-plated steel strands have been used in domestic lightning protection grounding projects. In the past few years, countless construction sites have used ordinary conductivity (about 17%) conductors, which means people pay more and more attention to lightning protection grounding.
       With the continuous popularization of electronic communication and the emergence of large power stations, ultra-high voltage power transmission lines and high-rise buildings, lightning protection grounding is superior or not, playing a vital role in the safety protection of people and electric and electronic equipment. Its reliability has been paid more and more attention. The use of profile steel or construction foundation as the grounding body affects the reliability of the grounding device due to poor corrosion resistance. The use of galvanized angle steel (round steel) as the grounding body, although slowing the corrosion of steel, but because zinc is more active than steel, zinc corrosion rate is faster than steel, because the coating zinc and the soil joint, but it is constantly Continuous corrosion changes, poor stability, short service life (generally less than 18 years), annual resistance resistance is required to be detected, and the workload is large. Copper-clad metal composite materials are used as grounding bodies and lightning protection conductors due to copper. Metals are poorly active and generally do not react with acids, bases, or salts. According to the skin effect, when the surface copper layer is larger than 0.25mm, the steel core current is small, the copper conductor is sent to the underground by the strength of the steel, the surface copper conductor is sent to the underground, and the surface copper layer does not corrode, so the grounding Rod resistance does not change over time, maintenance-free, and life expectancy of up to 50 years. This is why copper-clad steel bimetallic composite conductors are widely accepted and used in lightning protection grounding systems.

Copper-plated steel strand quality index (technical parameters, indicators)
       1、The average thickness of the copper layer (conventional) ≥ 0.25mm;
       2、Tensile strength≥ 600N/mm2
       3、Straightness error≤ 1mm
       4、Copper layer plasticity: When the ground rod is bent 30o, there is no crack outside the corner.
Application field
       This product is suitable for general environment, and special environment (wet, saline, acid soil and chemical corrosion medium), petrochemical, power, communications, rail transit, postal and telecommunications, etc.
       Traditionally, lightning protection grounding conductors mostly use galvanized steel or pure copper. In terms of electrical conductivity and service life, galvanized steel is not as good as pure copper conductor, but pure copper conductor is expensive, not as economical as galvanized steel. The copper-steel composite grounding conductor can not only have good electrical conductivity like pure copper, but also have the strength of steel, and can greatly save the cost of engineering materials. Our company adopts electroplating process to produce copper-clad steel grounding wire according to GB/12970.2-2009 "Electrical Soft Copper Stranded Part 2 Soft Copper Stranded Wire".

Copper-clad steel grounding wire type list

Serial number Model specification Cross-sectional area mm2 Monofilament diameter mm Number of shares  Conductivity 20%
Conductivity 30%
Conductivity 40%
Packing specification Outer diameter(mm)
NO.1 16CC 16 1.70 7 126 127 129 100m/volume 5.10
NO.2 25CC 25 2.14 7 199 203 205 100m/volume 6.50
NO.3 35CC 35 2.52 7 276 280 285 100m/volume 7.60
NO.4 50CC 50 2.00 19 373 385 390 100m/volume 9.00
NO.5 70CC 70 2.14 19 540 545 552 100m/volume 11.00
NO.6 95CC 95 2.52 19 749 752 773 100m/volume 12.60
NO.7 120CC 120 2.80 19 923 935 940 100m/volume 14.00
NO.8 150CC 150 2.25 37 1156 1175 1202 100m/volume 16.00
NO.9 185CC 185 2.52 37 1467 1476 1504 100m/volume 17.00
NO.10 240CC 240 2.25 61 1906 1951 1980 100m/volume 20.00
NO.11 300CC 300 2.52 61 2405 2465 2480 100m/volume 22.40


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