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Copper plated steel grounding round wire


Product introduction
The copper-plated steel grounding wire material is based on foreign technology, electroplating electrolytic copper molecules with a content of 99.9% onto a low-carbon steel core, and becoming a new composite material of high molecular combination of copper and steel, which overcomes the traditional process. The galvanic cell reaction produced by the casing method solves the disadvantages of the purity of copper and the thickness of the copper layer in the hot-dip continuous casting process. During the construction process, the electroplated copper clad steel material can be bent freely and cut in length, and the surface copper layer will not peel off and fall off. Therefore, in recent years, electroplated copper clad steel has been widely recognized and praised by customers at home and abroad.
       ● Manufacturing process characteristics: The electroplating production process is adopted to achieve a high degree of combination of copper and steel. The outer copper layer is composed of 99.99% electrolytic copper. It not only overcomes the shortcomings of the primary battery reaction in the casing process, but also solves the shortage of copper layer and the surface copper surface of the hot-dip continuous casting process. Other drawbacks.
       ●Excellent anti-corrosion performance: The material indicates that the copper layer is thick and 99.99% of electrolytic copper molecules, the average thickness is more than 0.25mm, so the corrosion resistance is strong, and the service life is more than 50 years.
       ●Better conductivity: Since the surface copper layer is composed of 99.99% electrolytic copper molecules, it has excellent electrical conductivity and its own resistance is much lower than that of conventional materials.
       ●A wider range of applications: This product is suitable for soil conditions with different humidity, temperature and pH.
       ●The installation is safe and fast: the accessories are complete, the special connection pipe is used or the double-speed hot-melt flux is used for connection, the joint is firm and the installation is convenient, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

Copper plated round steel replacement conventional grounding material specification comparison table

Metric diameter(mm) Conductor cross-sectional area(mm2) Thermal stability coefficient(C) Corresponding flat copper specifications
8 50 128 25X2
10 78 128 30X2
12 120 128 25X3
14 150 128 35X3
16 200 128 35X4
18 254 128 40X4

Common model quick reference table

Variety kg mm mm2 Packaging type
Copper plated round steel 0.4 8.00 50 100Rice/roll
0.63 10.00 78 100Rice/roll
0.9 12.00 120 100Rice/roll
1.22 14.00 150 100Rice/roll
1.59 16.00 200 100Rice/roll
2.01 18.00 254 100Rice/roll
0.4 8.00 50 500Rice/roll
0.63 10.00 78 500Rice/roll
0.9 12.00 120 500Rice/roll
1.22 14.00 150 500Rice/roll
1.59 16.00 200 500Rice/roll
2.01 18.00 254 500Rice/roll

Product performance of copper plated round steel

Serial number Technical content Technical Parameters
1 Conductor diameter 8/10/12/14/16/18mm
2 Number of shares Single stock
3 Conductivity Good electrical conductivity and stable electrical performance
4 Coating thickness mil / 0.254mm
5 Production Process The four-dimensional continuous plating method adopts the first nano-alkaline pre-plating technology in China. The principle is to construct aerodynamic field environment, finely control the density and deposition speed of nano-particles in the plating solution and Cu2+, and construct a new nano-scale particle deposition model between copper and steel. The nano-scale alkaline copper particle crystal coating structure is deposited, and the nano-scale crystal plating layer has good compactness and high activation surface, which greatly enhances the affinity between the plating layers, and achieves the best combination of product binding force. The finished product has excellent mechanical strength, ductility and corrosion resistance.
6 Service life According to the test data of the 45-year underground corrosion research project conducted by the US National Bureau of Standards, the annual average corrosion rate of copper is 0.002524mm. According to the requirements of UL467, IEEE80 and DL/1312 of the national power industry, the minimum copper layer of such metal conductors. With a thickness of 0.254mm, the service life of the copper-plated steel grounding conductor can be guaranteed for more than 100 years.
7 Soil suitability It is suitable for ordinary soil environment, and is more suitable for any harsh soil environment such as mountains, rocks, strong acid and alkali.
8 Packing 100m / roll, 500m / shaft independent packaging, with product certificate and original nameplate
9 Certified content Products have passed the authoritative UL, CE certification
10 Application range The copper-plated round steel allows a small bending radius, so the bending is convenient, the pipe is easy to be used, so that it can be supplied in a roll, which is convenient for transportation and machine maple construction. Widely used in the horizontal grounding part of the grounding grid, can replace the traditional galvanized steel and pure copper


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