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Copper plated ground flat steel


Product introduction

       Copper clad steel grounding bar and wire are self-developed and produced series products based on foreign technology. They have thick copper layer, low resistance, good electrical conductivity, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, convenient installation and electrical connection. Good performance and other advantages, can be widely used in power transmission and transmission lines, power stations, buildings and antenna grounding devices, can also be used in computer and other electronic equipment grounding system, and can be connected with lightning receptors (lightning rods, lightning protection lines) And the down conductor constitutes a lightning protection grounding device.

       Grounding flat steel is a grounding material that is made by electroplating 99。95% pure copper and flat steel。 It is mainly used as the grounding body of the grounding system or the grounding of the equipment。 The thickness of the copper layer is generally from 0。15 mmg to 0。25 mm and the length is up to 6 meters。 

Specification model size(mm) length(m) Copper layer thickness(mm) kilogram/Meter
LD-254 25X4 6 0.254 0.79
LD-303 30X3 6 0.254 0.71
LD-304 30X4 6 0.254 0.94
LD-404 40X4 6 0.254 1.25
LD-505 50X5 6 0.254 1.96
LD-606 60X6 6 0.254 2.82
LD-727 7X27 6 0.254 1.48
LD-808 80X8 6 0.254 5.02


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